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CSUN 2011 Presentations

Advancing Mobile Usability for Everyone - CSUN 2011 - Cragun Dracoules Keohane King Schwerdtfeger.ppt Powerpoint. BIG! 9800K. March 14, 2011

Accessible Analytics - CSUN 2011 - Cragun Dracoules Keohane Snow-Weaver.ppt Powerpoint. 4168K. March 14, 2011

Facebook Safety and Potential Privacy Exposures - An open letter to youth, parents, and seniors on Facebook safety. This short paper warns about safe practices and privacy exposures on Facebook. Facebook users need to be careful what personal information they put in their profile, and be cautious in their use of Facebook applications. While theft of information has not been proven using Facebook applications, the ability to take private information has been shown to be possible. Facebook users should be selective in accepting Facebook friends. (Brian Cragun, April 12, 2009)

In Sight  Brian Cragun's Art Blog "In Sight". Paintings by Brian Cragun.

Cragun Family Genealogy.  Research, family history, and reunion information about the Cragun family.

Cragun Family Story.  Ben Cragun's site with history and origins of the Cragun name. Also information on the Indiana Cragun lines. (Frames|NoFrames)

Hearne History Home.  Online version of William T. Hearne's Family History, along with modern-day research and other links.


Cragun Research Blog  Blog about recent research on Cragun related lines.

Hearne Research Blog  Blog about recent research on Hearne related lines.

Christmas Nativity Displays in Rochester, Minnesota.  The Wonder of the Nativity is a free display of hundreds of Nativities and musical performances, sponsored annually by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) in Rochester, Minnesota. Each Christmas season the event draws hundreds to see the artfully displayed nativities from all over the world, hear performances of Christmas music, see a live nativity, and enjoy light refreshments.