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in Philadelphia for the practice of his profession, and became the assistant of the distinguished surgeon, Dr. S. D. Gross, professor of surgery in the Jefferson Medical College, he held the position of assistant of the surgical clinic for seven years, and on the opening of the new college hospital was made chief assistant of the surgical clinic, which position he held for five years. When the elder Gross resigned the chair of surgery, and his son was chosen to fill his place, Dr. Hearne was elected by the trustees of the institution visiting surgeon to the hospital, to fill the vacancy made by the promotion ot the younger Gross. This position he held till the spring of 1894, when he was elected by the trustees to the position of professor of clinical surgery. Dr. Hearne is a member of the most prominent medical societies of the state and country. His children are: Alice. born Oct. 10, 1872; William Prettyman, born April 27, 1873, and Mary Vaughn, born Feb. 24, 1875. Alice married Frank Primrose, secretary and treasurer of the London Park Cemetery Association, Baltimore, Maryland, Jan., 1896, and they have four children: Josephine, Hearne, Frank, Jr., and Alice. Mary Vaughn Hearne married Lois R. Little, a grain broker, in Philadelphia, Nov. 11, 1903. William Prettyman Hearne, the son, was educated at Princeton College, and after graduation there graduated in Jefferson Medical College, served there one year as resident physician, and is now one of the assistant surgeons, and also the same in City Hospital. He is a very promising young man and bids fair to be as renowned as his worthy father. Dr, William Joseph Hearne and his family are Methodists, while one son-in-law is a Presbyterian and the other an Episcopalian.

Martin L., son of Isaac and Eleanor Hearne, born 1808, lived in Laurel, Del., and died 1873; he married Sarah Ellis, 1833; she was born 1814 and is now living (1894). Their children are: Ellen, Louisa, Emily, Eunice, Lucy, Martin L., Frank, Edgar. Ellen born 1835, married Rev. W. R. Ellis; children: Lee, Gardiner, William and Eunice. Louisa married J. W. Parker; children: Fred G. and Frank. Eunice married C. W. Cannon; children: Martin, Horace and Ellen. Lucy married T. D. Giles, of Natchez, Mississippi; children: Emma, James and Thomas. Edgar married Alice Adams. Martin L., born in Laurel, Del., Aug. 4, 1849; is a physician; graduate of the Charleston, South Carolina, Medical College, and lives in San Diego, California; he has been in the Government Signal

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