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members of the Baptist Church and Mr, Hearne is a member of the Knights of Honor."

The fifth child of Asa and Mary Crocker Hearn, Margaret Elizabeth, born August 25, 1852, married Jno. M. Wade, lives in her native state, Mississippi, and has raised a large family of children through many trials and difficulties. Mr. Wade died some ten years ago and S. L. Hearn educated two of the daughters at Blue Mountain College. He educated the oldest daughter, Lilly, also, and she has been of great benefit to her mother. The sixth child of Asa and Mary Cracker Hearn, William Asa, born Sept. 21, 1854, married Eliza Black, and died 1883, leaving two children, a son and daughter, who were raised by their uncle, S. L. Hearn, at West Point, Miss. The son, Edward Lattimore, born 1879, died 1896 of consumption, contracted while at Mississippi College. His sister, Lulu Hearn, born 1881, married Charles Hancher, a merchant at McCool, Miss. The seventh child of Asa and Mary C. Hearn, Gabriella, Born Oct. 5, 1856, married John W. Pulliam, a farmer, who lives in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, and have raised a family of eight children. The eighth child of Asa and Mary C. Hearn, a daughter named James Ella, born Feby. 25, 1859, married Mr. Marvin Hill of Tens, and died 1881, leaving one child, a son. Edwin Hill, who is now married and lives in West Point, Miss., and is supt. of West Point Manufacturturing Company. The ninth child of Asa and Mary C. Hearn, Charles McLendon, born May 1, 1861, married Miss Mary Panamore and lives on a farm near Cedar Bluff, Miss. He is an ordained minister in Baptist Church, but his health is so poor he preaches but little.

Zabel, also called Zebedee, son of Jonathan Hearne, who removed from Delaware to Georgia in 1792, was born in Putnam County, Georgia, Nov. 22, 1785, married Lydia M. Rumsey July 21, 1818. She was born Feby. 17, 1798. Children: Mary E., born Mar 26, 1830, died Sept. 18, 1872; John Wesley, born Aug. 2, 1831, died Jan. 20, 1894. Zebedee Hearne was a farmer, and he and his wife were both members of the Methodist Church South. He died Dec. 18, 1833.

John Wesley Hearne, son of Zebedee, was a farmer as well as a minister of the gospel; be married Eliza Hinton, who was born May 20, 1834, died Oct. 4, 1883; children: Amanda Eugenia, born

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