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from, that we cling to so fondly. Myself and wife are members of the Baptist church, and so is mv mother, who says that all our branch of the Hearne family are of the same faith.

All this family, the descendants of William and Elizabeth Hearne. are Democrats in politics and Baptists in religion. One of them, Rev. Andrew Jackson Hearne (a son of James Hearne who died 1855). living at Yantley Creek. Choctaw Co., Ala., is a good and successful minister of the gospel. He was born in Sumter Co., Ala., 1847, and was the youngest of four children, one of whom was named Monroe and one named William Thomas. Feb. 6, 1866, he married Miss Mary Hayden Webb. children: Mattie Lee, born Sept. 1, 1871: Peter. born Nov. 6, 1874; Cora, born July 27, 1877; John, born Oct. 12, 1880; James, born Sept. 29, 1883; Julia Eva. born Sept. 18, 1886; Mattie Lee, married Jan. 17, 1895, H. P. Minoe, a merchant.

REV. ANDREW JACKSON HEARNE was converted at the age of thirty-two years and united with the Baptist Church, and, feeling called to preach the gospel, began early to prepare himself for the work. On account of the war between the states; he was deprived of the opportunity for a good education, having joined the Army of Virginia when scarcely sixteen years of age. When he began to prepare for the ministry, although thirty-two years old, he went to school one year in the country and then the better part of four sessions at Howard College, then located at Marion. Ala., but now at Birmingham. This was all at his own cost, having a wife and three children to support. He has now (1894) been in the active work of the ministry more than ten years, and has baptized in connection with his labors some seven hundred persons. I learn from persons who know him that he is quite a talented man, consecrated and useful in the ministry, retiring and unobtrusive in manner. An evidence of his popularity and standing with his fellow-citizens is shown by his election Aug., 1894, wholly unsolicited, by the people of his county, as representative to the Legislature, by a majority of nine hundred out of a vote of thirteen hundred white votes in the county, and a majority of four hundred over all, white and black.

SAMUEL HEARNE; who lived near the Maryland and Delaware line, was born about 1737. and Was a son of Jonathan, who died 1794, and he was the son of William and Elizabeth Hearne, and he the son of William and Mary, the first in America.

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