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Martha, born 1827, daughter of Samuel and Jane Hearne, married Benjamin Parsons, a sea captain, who lived in Salisbury, Maryland, where he died; his widow (Martha) died in Greensburg, Indiana, Feb., 1902.

Ebenezer Hearne, son of Samuel and Rachel, born 1789, died 1868; married Leah Brewington; children: William, barn 1820, in Maryland; died 1892; married three times and had six children. Jane married a Mr. Burley and had five children.

THOMAS, son of Samuel and Rachel Hearne, born Mar. 11, 1805, died 1877; married Nancy Jackson Dec. 30, 1833. She was born 1812 and is still living on the farm in Iowa to which she removed 1836, and is hearty and well-preserved; children: Mary, Martha, Samuel, Berry, Thomas Edward, Nancy; John Wesley, Rachel and Perry. Mary died 1836. Martha, born 1836, married Christopher Wright, who was born 1833, in Ireland; children: Alice, born 1870; Mary, born 1872; and Lizzie, born 1874. Lizzie Wright married, Aug., 1904, Rev. Eyestone, and they sailed for China Sept. 27 following, to do mission work in Foochoo.

John Wesley lives in Birmingham, Iowa; was born July 8, 1849; 1876 he married Miss Anna Jamison, who was born 1853; children: Florence; Nannie, Della, Thomas, Cora, John, Walter, Ray and Mabel.

Nannie Hearne married Oct. 22, 1905, Mr. Harry Hawk of Boise, Idaho, and Della married Harry Rhorer, Oct. 4, 1904, and Florence married Geo. Wilson, Oct. 1900. They live near Birmingham and have three children, Thomas is in a railroad office in Des Moines, Iowa.

Perry, son of Thomas and Nancy Hearne, born 1857, died 1891. After the fatherís death 1877, he lived at the old homestead and took care of his mother, her comfort and supped in old age.

SAMUEL Photo of Samuel Hearne on page 91 Photo of Samuel Hearne on page 94 , son of Thomas and Nancy Hearne, born 1838 in Van Buren Co., Iowa; Sept. 8, 1868, married Sarah Warren, who was born in Ireland, 1845; she died 1894, after a long illness. Four children were born to Samuel and Sarah Hearne: Jennie, born Sept. 10, 1869; Edward Warren Photo of Edward W. Hearne on page 94, born Sept. 30, 1872; Charles Alfred Photo of Charles A. Hearne on page 94, born July 29, 1875; Alma Photo of Samuel Hearne on page 94 , born Oct 20, 1878.

Jennie Photo of Jennie (Hearne) Brookhart on page 94 married, June 22, 1897, Smith W. Brookhart Photo of Smith W. Brookhart on page 94, an attorney of Washington, Iowa; children: Charles Edward Photo of Charles Edward Brookhart on page 94 , John R. Photo of John R. Brookhart on page 94 , Samuel C. Photo of Samuel C. Brookhart on page 94 and Smith W., Jr. Edward Warren was educated at the public

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