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calm disposition, excellent memory and accurate hearing. Her eyesight is much impaired the last few years. She lived upon the same farm for more than sixty years. Then, at the age of eighty-eight, she sold it, and lives with her daughter, Mrs. Christopher Wright, of Keosauqua. In this home she has the most devoted care and attention. She is interested in the happenings of each day and finds life still sweet, at ninety three-years.

BENJAMIN HEARNE, sixth child of William and Elizabeth, we have no record of except that his wife was named Sarah, and they had three sons that we know of: William, Thomas and Spencer. Spencer was born Feb. 6, 1762, and died some time between 1836 and 1840. His wife was named Betsy Venibles Hearne; she died in 1843 or 1844. They had five sons, one of whom, Hiram. inherited his fatherís old homestead. Ichabod Dashiell, another son, born April 9, 1808, died Feb. 6, 1852. He married Lucretia C. Harris, Sept. 18, 1833. She was born Sept. 11, 1808, died Nov. 1, 1847: children: Elizabeth Lemmon, born June 18, 1834; married Isaac Wooten Mitchell, Dec. 14, 1852. Joseph Spencer, born Jan. 4, 1836; married Elizabeth Hearne, his second cousin. Noah Thomas, born Feb. 23, 1838; married Miss Rosa Taylor. Cadmus Dashiell, born Feb. 11, 1840; died Oct. 11, 1859. Lucretia Ellen, born Nov. 17, 1841; lives in Salisbury, Maryland, and has never married. David Ichabod, born Mar. 31, 1843; married Bettie N. Hughes. of Sedalia, Missouri. John Americus Scarborough, born Feb. 6, 1846; married Alice Catlin. I insert here the obituary notice of the father of these children by his pastor:

"Brother Hearne was baptized by the writer in 1847. and was one of the original members of the White Haven Baptist Church.

"He was soon after chosen as one of the deacons of the church, which office be filled with acceptance until his death. To his church he was strongly attached. and always manifested a willingness to meet her demands upon his benevolence. In the building of the White Haven and Wetipquin Baptist churches be bore a very large and liberal share. Towards the support of the gospel he contributed with a willing hand. His house was always open as a welcome and pleasant home to his pastor or any other minister.

"In a word: he loved his Savior, loved His cause, loved His people, was an humble and useful Christian, and what better eulogy?

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