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28, 1880. Bennie Hearne was the son of Samuel and Rachel, who died 1833 or 1834 and had six children by the last wife, three boys and three girls. Two of the girls are dead; the boys and my mother are living. Bennie, the eldest child, and Luther, the youngest, live in Seaford, Delaware, and Samuel lives in Cambridge, Maryland. Bennie and Luther married sisters, Mary E. and Margaret Allen. Samuel married Margaret Phenton, and they are all prosperous in life.

My father and mother were married Feb. 2, 1859, at which time they lived in Maryland, but 1876 they removed to Virginia. They have had eight children and I am the youngest. John W. Dixon, my brother, is married and lives in Philadelphia. Hester Chesser, my sister, lives here near our home. Major, my brother, is married and also lives near us. Della, my sister, married, Aug. 11, 1889, died July 6, 1890; she married Mosby L. Northrnan, a well-to-do farmer. Estille, my youngest brother, now twenty-one years old, is single and at home with us. Lizzie, the next sister, married Loyd Smith, also a well-to-do farmer. Ida, another sister, is at home and will be seventeen years of age April 12, 1895. My father and my two youngest brothers are carpenters. My oldest brother is a commission man in Philadelphia. Three of my motherís brothers are carpenters, and our family are all Methodists.

JOHN HEARNE, fifth child of William, and mentioned as a legatee in his will 1754, died in Worcester Co., Maryland, 1769, and left a large estate in land, negroes and personalty, which he devised to his wife, Betty Hearne, and sons, Isaac, John, and Peter Gordy Hearne, and left his wife Betty and brother Benjamin Hearne executors of his will. Affidavit to will made June 7, 1769. Inventory filed Aug. 1769. Accounts passed August, 1770. From the records at Snow Hill, Md., I note wills proven as follows: Hearnes.

John. Jr., April 12, 1806. Samuel, Sr., Aug. 12, 1834. Peter G. Hearne, July 15, 1840. Patty Hearne, Oct. 9, 1846. Sebe Hearne, Feb. 10, 1857. Lovey Hearne, Jan. 12, 1858. John Hearne, Oct. 22, 1861.

The records at Princess Anne show the following Hearnes to have died intestate in Worcester Co., Maryland: Isaac Hearne died 1763, Elijah Hearne died 1838, Ryus Hearne died 1839, and Merrill Hearne died 1856. I have no further trace of genealogy or

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