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1877; Edgar. born 1879; Ozro, born 1881; Clarence, born 1883; Pearl and Buddic (twins), born 1885, and Buddie died the same year; Kittie, born 1887. Maude McKnight married Wiley Kimbrough, Feby. 27, 1895. Orsie McKnight married willie Burroughs, Nov. 6, 1892. She was born Sept., 1872. Carl D. McKnight married Miss Hattie Rogers, Mar. 16, 1893. She died Aug. 31, 1897, and May, 1898, he married Miss Bettie Fambro.

A. Hearne McKnight married Miss Ada Chambers, Oct., 1902. J. Mason McKnight married Miss Nellie Murphy, Aug., 1903.

PRISCILLA, daughter of George W. and Milly Hearne, born 1823; married a Mr. Winstead, of Weakicy Co., Tenn., and they raised several children, whose names I have been unable to learn, except one, George W., who was nominated and made the race for governor on the Republican ticket in 1893. He made a brilliant canvass, but was defeated as Tennessee was strongly Democratic at that time.

In 1894, George W. Winstead, of Knoxville, Tenn., at my request, furnished me the following notes of family history:

My mother is a daughter of George W. Hearne, who came to Tennessee when a young man, from the State of North Carolina, moving here about 1817 . He located in middle Tennessee, Wilson County, near the present town of Lebanon. Before leaving North Carolina he married Milly Hearne, who was a distant relative. This marriage resulted in the birth of four sons, Robert, George W., Erasmus H., and Erastus: these are all dead, except Erasmus H., who lives in the State of Texas. They also had four daughters: Priscilla, my mother, who intermarried with S. M. Winstead; Rachel, married Joseph Thacker: Millie, died when a young girl; Jane Elizabeth. married Willis Morgan. All of these are now living, except Millie. My grandfather, George W. Hearne, enlisted in the War of 1812 at the beginning and served till its close. He died 1870. at the age of seventy-nine. My mother is now seventy-three years old and in good health. As a result of her marriage with S. M. Winstead, 1846, she had born to her six daughters and one son. the writer being the son. She is now living in Weakley County, on the old homestead, and in good health. My sisters also live there, at different places, all but one being married.

I was born Dec. 28, 1856, and grew up on the farm in Weakley Co., western Tennessee. I attended school in winter and worked on

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