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Knowles married her sister, Henrietta Moore, Oct. 1832, and 1835 they moved to Indiana and lived near Moore’s Hill and raised quite a family of children, but I only know the names of three -- Martha, Thomas and David. Jane Moore married Major Riggen, who moved to Indiana 1835, but soon returned to Delaware. He had a son, named Jacob, who married and lived in Louisville, Ky. Jacob and Daniel Moore were ministers in the Methodist Church.

Jane, daughter of Nehemiah and Jane Hearne, married a Mr. Pennewell, and in 1873 four of their children were living; two in Salisbury. Maryland, one in New Orleans and Elisha, the eldest. lived near Laurel, Del. One of the sans was a Methodist minister. At one time tbey lived at Moore’s Hill in Indiana. Elisha Pennewell left two children, a son and daughter. The daughter married and lived in Salisbury, Md.

Debora, daughter of Nehemiah and Jane Hearne, married Clement Smith in Del, and in 1817 moved and settled near Pittsburg, Pa. I only know of three children -- Jane, Rachel and Clement. Jane Smith married a Mr. Beby, a merchant living in Philadelphia. Pa. After his death she married Richard Smith, a steamboat Capt. He was a man of large means and owned many slaves. They had no children. and lived first in Jeffersonville, Ind., then in Louisville, Ky., where they died. Rachel Smith married a Mr. Ritchie and lived in Connellsville, Pa. I know of three children, Jane, Elosia and Samuel. Jane Ritchie married James Martin. Clement Smith married and bad one child that I know of, a daughter, named Jane, who married a Mr. McKelty and lived in Pittsburg, Pa.

Nebemiab, son of Nehemiah and Jane Hearne, married and had a number of children, but can only give the names of two, David and Mariah Jane. David married and in 1888 lived in Laurel, Del., and had children. Mariab Jane married a Mr. Morgan and is a widow with a family of children.

Asahel, son of Nehemiah and Jane Hearne, born Apr. 14, 1785, married in Del. Miss Patty I can only name four of the children, James, Washington, Betty Ann and Patty. He died before 1819: 1820 his widow, with the children moved to Marietta, Ohio, Washington married Miss Ferguson, of Newport, Ohio.

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