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EBENEZER, second son of Thomas and Sally (Wingate) Hearne, was born May 6, 1717, at the original William and Mary Hearne homestead in Worcester County, Maryland, near the town of Delmar, that is situated on the Delaware and Maryland state line. He married Miss Priscilla Fooks, date not known, neither is the date of her birth known. She belonged to a large and influential Delaware family. He settled on a farm ten miles east of Delmar and Laurel, Delaware, where he lived through life and raised a family of six sons. He and his wife are buried at his homestead and a granite tablet recording their names, etc., stands two and a half miles northwest at Greevoille Episcopal Church, where many of their descendants are members. The old farm is now owned by the estate of Isaac T. Hearne, a great-grandson. and the old dwelling house has been torn down and moved away. He was a substantial and prosperous citizen, a staunch churchman in the Episcopal church; he and wife were industrious, frugal and domestic in their habits, and trained their children in those lines. Their children were:

Lowder, born Apr. 5, 1753, died Nov. 29. 1809, in Delaware.

George, born Sept. 6, 1758; was a soldier in the Revolutionary army, and was killed by the Hessians in New Jersey, 1778.

Joseph, born May 16, 1761; removed to Mississippi Territory, 1798, and afterwards to Alabama, 1810, where he died 1838.

Cement, born Nov. 29, I 763; removed to Kentucky, 1798, died 1851, near Lexington, Kentucky.

Thomas, born Nov. 3, 1768; died June 24, 1838, in Delaware.

Ebenezer, born Mar. 22. 1774: died 1841, in Delaware.

EBENEZER HEARNE, died Apr.. 1785, leaving no will, but here is the official administration bond, dated Apr. 15, 1785: SUSSEX COUNTY, ss.

Know all men by these presents that we, Priscilla Hearne of said County and Louder Hearne of the County afsd. yeoman and Thomas West of the same County, yeoman are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency the President of the Delaware State, in the sum of Five Hundred Pounds of lawful money of said state, to be paid to the said President or his successor the President for the time king, to which payment well and truly to be made and done, we bind ourselves and heirs, Excrs. and Admrs. firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals & dated the Fifteenth day of

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