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Prof. James Henry Morgan, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., says:

"In my particular branch of the family I beg leave to make a correction or two, as shown on the tree. The line to which I belong is traced from William Hearne, the original, through Thomas Hearne, through Ebenezer Hearne, through Lowder Hearne, through Sally Hearne, and Thomas Fooks, and through their daughter Mary, who was my grandmother, and who, with her twin sister. Julia A., was born Sept. 25, 1815. She married three times, but had children by the first marriage only. She married Hiram H. James Nov. 25, 1835, and he died Aug. 30, 1850. children: Cornelius C., born Nov. 1, 1836; William Henry Harris, born Oct. 9, 1838; and Julia Fooks, born Sept. 11, 1840.

Cornelius C. married Emma E. Ford, of Virginia, and they live in Va. and have two children, Orris and Mary.

William Henry never married, and is in Colorado.

Julia Fooks James married Samuel J. Morgan Dec. 24, 1855, and of this union were born James Henry (myself), Jan. 21, 1857; and Ella, born Jan 1, 1859, and died Aug., 1871. Julia Fooks Morgan, my mother, died Apr. 12, 1886.

James Henry Morgan married Mary R. Curran, of Pennsylvania, Dec. 30, 1890; Children: Julia, Born Sept. 23, 1891, and Margaret, born Dec. 24, 1892.

My grandmother, Julia A., died in 1890.

Thomas, son of Lowder and Lavinia Cannon Hearne, born Jan. 16, 1790. After the death of his father, was apprenticed to learn the shoemaker's trade, which occupation he followed successfully through life; and though he died at the early age of forty-five, had accumulated a handsome fortune for that diary and country. He Married Harriet Hobbs (as told by his son William L. in some notes farther on, written by him for his children, 1888.)

Thomas Hearne had several children, who died when quiet small, and raised only one to maturity, who was names William Lowder, named for the merchant William, and his grandfather, Lowder; he was born Sept. 24, 1818, and his life is told by himself in some brief notes written, 1888, at the request of his children. He says:

"My father was named Thomas, the third son of Lowder

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