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below the large window overlooking the chancel is another inscription:

To the memory of Kirkland Brooks Armour.

Born Apr. 10, 1854; died Sept. 27, 1901.

Erected by his loving wife, Dec. 8, 1902.

Near this window is the pulpit, or prayer stand of black oak, elaborately carved. The chancel railing and the twelve long, high-backed seats are of the same wood. In the center of the raised platform at the rear is a trap door. Through which a casket may be raised by hydraulic power from the vault room below the chapel. In this vault room there are eighteen receptacles for caskets. A stone wall divides the vault room from that containing the furnace.

The chapel is intended for the use of families or others who wish to have funeral services conducted at the cemetery instead of in some church or residence. Situated a short distance north of the Fifteenth street entrance it stands upon a slight elevation, and just far enough away from the traffic of the road outside to insure the quiet that is so essential. With a background of trees and shrubbery and the tombs of many departed surrounding it. The chapel suggests a beautiful country church.

During the year 1906 Mrs. Annie (Hearne) Armour and her son, Lawrence Hearne and daughter, Mary Augusta visited Dives, Normandy, and says; "The Hotel of William the Conqueror in Dives, Normandy, which dates back to the tenth century. It is situated on Hastings Street and by the sea. Here William the Conqueror built his vessels when preparing for their journey to England. Near by I visited the old church, where on the walls above the front door are enrolled the names of those that went over with William to England. Many very noted people have been housed and fed at this inn, from time to time. We drove from Trouville by automobile to this celebrated and historic inn, and this picture shows the interior of the Courtyard. We were shown the rooms occupied by Madame Sevigne, Joan D'Arc, and Dumas the writer. I found it a most interesting old place, but especially so to me, as being the country from which my ancestors came".

Julian Green, son of William L. and Laura Ford Hearne, born Aug. 6, 1868, married Dr. Lydia Herts Cromwell, of Atlantic City, N. J., June 6, 1900; have a son, Julian Green Jr., born Sept. 20, 1904.

David Garth, youngest son of William L. and Laura Ford

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