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being; possessed of beautiful features, an amiable and lovely disposition, she was almost idolized by her family and friends, and her friends numbered all her acquaintances. Seven years of my childhood life were spent in her home (aside from the four years before my parents' death), and she was not only a true and tender sister, but more than a mother to me; it was always sunshine in her presence. She was a devoted member of the M. E. Church, South, and her life fully exemplified the religion she professed. Her children: Sarah Mariah, Charles Winfield, Nannie Bettie Belle, Emma Clay, Carrie E. and James Madison. Sarah M, born June 27, 1844, married H. Clay Prewitt Apr. 5, 1865. Mr. Prewitt is a farmer living near Stamping Ground, Scott Co., Ky. Children: Madison Stone, born July 3, 1867; Charles B., born June 16, 1872; Lizzie A., born Apr. 22, 1875; Carrie S., born Mar. 19, 1880; Nannie H., born July 27, 1882. The mother, Sarah M. Prewitt, died Feb. 17, 1897. Madison S. Prewitt married Miss Jennie P. Thomason July 18, 1888. Children: Henry H., born July 30, 1892, and Robert C., born Mar. 24, 1896. Charles B. Prewitt married his cousin, Margaret E. Prewitt, June 29, 1899. Children: Thomas Hearne, born Nov. 19, 1900; James C., born Apr. 11, 1903, and a girl born June 11, 1906. Madison and Charles Prewitt are both farmers and live near Stamping Ground, Scott Co., Ky. Carrie Prewitt married George Risque Dec 24, 1901. Children: George, born June 28, 1903 and _____, born Mar. 31, 1906. Lizzie Prewitt married Aug. 3, 1892, J. Robert Jones. Both he and Geo. Risque are farmers living near Stamping Ground. Nannie Prewitt married Roy Gregory Sept. 3, 1905. Mr. Gregory is a carpenter and builder, living in Lexington, Ky.

Charles W. Stone, born Apr.,1848, married Miss Pattie Martin, 1876, is bookkeeper in a bank in Midway, Ky., and is also in the insurance business. Children: Sutton, born 1878; Robert, born 1880; Annie, born 1882; Corrinne, born 1884. Sutton Stone is in business in Lexington, Ky. He married Miss Mogene Burrier and they have a daughter, born 1900. Robert Stone is a bookkeeper in one of the banks in Lexington, Ky., and both boys are doing well. Annie Stone is unmarried and at home. Corrinne married, 1905, Farra Headley, a farmer in Fayette Co., Ky., and has a son, born summer of 1906.

Nannie Bettie Belle Stone, born Feb. 15, 1850, married John

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