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is occasion to them for rejoicing amid their tears.

Should we not be more ready to honor and imitate those who, as "the sons of God, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation," live harmless and blameless, shining "as lights in the world"? Their examples, however homely or commonplace, are at least practical; an encouragement, therefore, to the humblest, and a help to the feeblest, more than if blazoned with gold or trumpeted abroad.


Mrs. Fannie (Hearne) Lee, third daughter of William T. and Margaret Hearne, was born in Bourbon Co., Ky., Dec. 5, 1858. She and three of her sisters were educated at the Lexington (Ky.) Baptist Female College, under the presidency, first, of the Rev. Dr. Robert Ryland, of Virginia, and then of his son, Dr. Wm. S. Ryland, now president of Bethel College, Russellville, Ky.

Her life has been similar to that of the other children, except that she has never made a profession of religion, though a decided Baptist in principle. Apr. 18, 1884, she married Dr. J. C. Lee, a native of Fleming Co., Ky., and they have one child, Maggie Barkley Lee, born Aug. 2, 1887. Their home is in Lee’s Summit, Mo. Dr. Lee was a superior physician and surgeon, and had more practice than he could do in justice to himself, and was constantly called in as consulting physician by others in serious cases. In spring of 1898, while performing a surgical operation, he got blood poison himself and had an operation on his left hand, from which he never fully recovered, though he continued his practice for six years, growing worse all the time till his death, May 8, 1904, at the age of forty- seven years.

The esteem in which he was held, was shown by the large funeral in Lee’s Summit, where he was buried. The daughter, Maggie Barkley Lee, graduated at high school in Lee’s Summit, June, 1906.

Maggie Bell, daughter of Wm. T. and Margaret Hearne, born in Fayette Co., Ky., Feb. 10, 1861 and as was said of her sister, Fannie, her life has been of a sameness with that of her sisters. She was converted and joined Baptist Church in her fourteenth year, and, like my other children, is active and zealous in all church and Christian work. She was always a hard student, and graduated at sixteen years of age, with first honors, in a large class, and continued

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