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of Lewis Town (now Lewis), Del., near the entrance of Delaware Bay.

His descendants are noted for industry and economical habits. Principally all of them are living in Sussex Co., Del., and Wicomico Co., Md.; a few are scattered through the Western States; they are engaged in farming and milling in a successful way; very few are professional men; rnost all of them have preferred an humble life. They are not noted for their superior education, but are especially noted for their natural intelligence and judgment. Those of them who have had the means to obtain a college education, and to have made themselves conspicuous in the world have preferred a more humble sphere in life.

In their religious views they are principally Methodists; a few are Episcopalians. Politically they are unanimously Democrats.

The genealogy of Thomas Hearne: He was born Nov. 3, 1768, died June 24, 1838. Married Sally Cannon (own cousin to Lavinia, who married Lowder Hearne. and Keziah, who married Clement Hearne), who was born 1776 and died May 18, 1858.

Their first child, Benjamin, born Mar. 20. 1801, died 1877; married Phoebe Wootten; their first child, Isaac T., married Isabella Gordy, and their first child, Benjamin S., married Amanda Down, and they had two children, Walter and Frederick, The second child of Isaac T. and Isabella Hearne. Ella, married George White: children: Sarah, James. and Collick. The third child of Isaac T, and Isabella Hearne, Levi, married Miss Powell and had two children. The fourth child of Isaac T. and Isabella Hearne, William, married Martha Legates; children: Harry and Ralph. The fifth child was named James; the sixth, Clarence; the seventh, Alexander; the eighth. Flora: and the ninth, Ernest.

Second child, Folly, born 1803, died in 1849; married Thomas West; their first child, George W., married M. A. Atwell, and their first child, Sarah L., married George W. Twilley, and had three children. The second child of George W. and M. A. West married Thomas; the third, Charles, married Mary Baker; the fourth, Lillian. The second child of Polly and Thomas West, John, married Eliza Atwell, and had one son, Larrie, who married Mollie Baker, The third child of Polly and Thomas West, James H., married Elizabeth Dennis; children: Annie, Della, Tilla, Thomas,

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