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J., married D. Harley Boyce, children: Julia A., Charles D., David T., Lula M., Nellie B., Rachel L., and Mary E. F. Fourth child of T. H. and Rachel Chipman, Rhoda J., married John E. Phillips; children: Thomas R., Bertie J., Katie, and Clarence E. Fifth child of T. H. and Rachel Chipman, William H., married Rena Gordy. Sixth child, Clarence D.; seventh, Joseph J. The second child of Nancy and Joseph Chipman, Sarah J., married D. W. Moore. The first child of Nancy and Eli Dale, Rhoda J., married S. J. Wheatley, and had three children, Stansberry, Guy, and Nellie B. Second child of Nancy and Eli Dale, Charles, married Miss Timmons.

Eleventh child of Thomas and Sally Hearne, Eliza Wilrnore, married N. W. Jones 1846. Children: Sally, married Dr. Rickey. has one child Katy; Frank, Charles. William. Mrs. Eliza W. Jones born Nov. 12, 1821, died in Keokuk Ia., Feb. 24, 19o1, being the last living grandchild of Ebenezer and Priscilla Hearne.

Tenth child of Thomas and Sally Hearne, Betsy, married John Short. Children: Thomas and Priscilla.

Second child of William and Harriet Hearne, George Henry, married Amanda Cannon; their first child, Mary E., married George W.

Smith and has three children, Henry Marshall, Sallie Ethel, George Walter; second child, William Joshua, married Francis L. Hudson and has two children, Victor Edward and Flossie May; third, Alpheus H.; fourth, Annie; fifth, Mary Virginia; sixth, Amelia Harriet. Third child of William and Harrriet Hearne, Philip C., married Nancy J. Foskey, has one child, Levator. Fourth child of William and Harriet Hearne, Edward E., married Lavinia West, has three children, Walter, Granville, and Birdie S. Sixth, Sarah, married Thomas J. White, and their first child married Mr. Berdell and has one child Willie; the next child, John, married Anna Hendrickson and has one child; next two children, Charles and George. Seventh child of William and Harriet Hearne, Lavinia, married John B Parker, and their first child William E.; next, Annie B., married John Prettyman and has two children; next, Sarah E., married A. McIlvaine and has two children; next, Mary L., married H. Rust and has one child; next, Amanda J.; and last, Alfred T.

Dr. William Thomas, son of Thomas and Catherine (Walls) Hearne, born Feb. 13, 1851, grew up on the farm, receiving a common

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