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unostentatious. She was faithful to her family and neighbors and untiring in her efforts to alleviate suffering.

The family have always adhered to the Methodist denomination and the greater number of them have been members of that church, but they have not been bigots, and have relied more upon their honesty and high sense of honor and devotion to duty than to their religious professions to justify them before God and their fellow- men. As a family, they were devoted to each other and rather exclusive and independent by nature.

If the reader will look on the family tree, at base, note the name of Thomas Hearne, who married Rachel Drewry, go up to his son, Wm. R., who married Elizabeth Dickson. then up to Emel- W., who married T. F. Samuel, of Tuskaloosa, Ala., he will notice only one child of Emeline W. and T. F. Samuel; but there are others, one of whom is Mrs. Caroline Virginia Shumate, of Dalton, Ga., who says:

My great-grandfather, Thomas Hearne, had ten children: Wilson, William, Ebenezer, John, Thomas, Nancy, Lucy, Allie, Priscilla, and Aquilla; there were two sets of twins, Priscilla and Aquilla, Ebenezer and John. Wilson Hearne was a prominent member of the Tennessee Conference, and Ebenezer of the Alabama Confer- ence, both preachers of note in their day. My mother was the daughter of William R, Hearne and Elizabeth Dickson of Tennes- see, but a native of North Carolina. To them were born seven children, two of whom died in infancy. The others were: Rosine M., who married John Newton, of Connecticut; Margaret V., who married E. M. Burton, of Virginia; Emeline Wilson (my mother), who married T. F. Samuel, of Virginia; Frank M., never married; and William C., who married Lucy Peterson, of Alabama. The last named (Rev. William C., now of Talladega, Ala.) and my mother are the only living members of the family; my mother is seventy-one and my uncle about sixty years of age. My father was a typical Virginian, an educated genetleman and a man of fine business qualities. and had a keen sense of honor; a truer, better man never lived; he held offices of trust and honor in Alabama for a number of years, and died a respected citizen in Tuskaloosa, where he had married my mother and where their four children were born; Albert G., married Tenic Schmidt, of Demopolis, Ala.;

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