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Mallie Hearne Roberts, Corinth, Ill., says:

My father, William E. Hearne, was a son of William E. and Susan Turner Hearne (on the family tree), of the Lebanon (Tenn.) branch. There are several minor inaccuracies in the names of our family as put on the tree, namely: William E.'s first wife's name should be Sarah Catherine Irby, in place of "Erby"; his second wife's name was Chloe, in place of "Clara"; his daughter, Mallie E., instead of "Malintha E.," married J. L. Roberts, in place of "L. J. Roberts"; his third son, Irby, in place of "Erby.".

Frances A. Hendrickson, Corinth, Ill., says:

Frances Adeline, daughter of William H. and Susan Turner Hearne, born in Wilson Co., Tenn., Feb. 22, 1831, and moved to Williamson Co., Ill., Nov. 1, 1854, married Vancleave Hendrickson, a farmer, Oct. 25, 1855; he was born in Williamson Co., Ill., July 14, 1836. Children:

Susan Elizabeth, born Nov. 22, 1856, married George Jerome Aikman Nov. 7, 1800; their children are: George W., born Sept. 29, 1881, and Fannie, born June 29, 1883.

Second child of Frances A. and Vancleave Hendrickson, Marcellus House, barn July 18, 1864, married Lucy C. Sanders Dec. 2, 1886; children: Lillie, born Sept. 20, 1887; Jo. Frank, born Sept. 24, 1892; Bertie Vancleave, born Aug. 15th, 1894.

Third child Sarah Florence, born July 3oth, 1866, married Wil- lis Freeman Scoby, a farmer and mechanic, Oct. 25, 1888; they have one child, Fannie, born Sept. 20, 1893.

G. J. Aikman is proprietor of a large flouring mill, Marion, Ill., and M. H. Hendrickson is the same, Marion, The religious faith of all the family is Methodist.

Susan A. Roberts, Corinth, Ill., says:

I am the daughter of James T. and Mary A. Hearne, and a granddaughter of Wm. H. and Susan H. (Turner) Hearne, as shown on the family tree, was born Jan. 19, 1847, Wilson Co., Tenn. We moved to Ill. 1852, and Apr. 21, 1864, I married Henry L. Roberts, who was born Mar. 15, 1839; and we have three children. My first child, Emsley O., born Sept. 1, 1865, married Margie Chadwell, Oct. 12, 1892, and they have one child, Edith; he is a farmer and stock dealer. My next child, Minnie Frances, born Jan. 1, 1872, is a teacher of instrumental music. My third child, George L., born

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