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is the only survivor of this once happy family. They have all crossed over the river and I am assured are in heaven. It would not be relevant to detail here the varied experiences of the mother and children, but were it clone as faithfully as the facts would justify, it would afford an illustration of the truth, that the most useful and resolute characters are formed in the face of misfortunes and disappointments.

William F. Hearne was six feet tall, weighing one hundred and seventy pounds, of fair complexion, with blue eyes and auburn hair. He stood erect and presented a fine picture. lie was deeply pious, kind, and universally admired and respected. The occasion of his death is indelibly fixed on my memory; the calm and peaceful face of the moral hero, as he quietly and fearlessly succumbed to the king of terrors the weeping mother. who gathered her little children around the bedside of the dying father and tried to impress upon their young minds a realization of the terrible calamity which was about to befall them. This I cannot forget, but was too young to see and appreciate the noble character of my father. On occasional visits to my mother, at the dear old 'home, I met there his neighbors and acquaintances. These with one voice applauded his virtues and held them up to me as worthy of my emulation. It became the source of much gratification and pride to hear from them the repeated expression: "If you will only make as noble a man as your father." What father in so short a time could lay up greater wealth for his children than this? "A just man walketh in his integrity, and his children are blessed after him." Truly there is something better than gold which we may have and transmit to our children.

He was a member of the Methodist Church South and practiced daily the virtues which he professed to have. He was temperate in all things, abstaining entirely from intoxicating liquors. He was a Whig, taking a lively inferest in all public concerns. He was a practical farmer and was reasonably successful in all his enterprises.

My mother survived him thirty-four years. dying in the same room in which he did and of the same disease -- typhoid fever. She was a member of the Christian Church and an earnest and devoted Christian. They were opposite in temperament.

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