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the second and third terms, having just entered upon the latter term. Sept. 1, 1875, he married Bettie E., daughter of Alfred G. Hearne. Children: Wilfred, aged eighteen, and Sallie, aged fifteen. He is a member of the Methodist Church South, having professed religion at Good Hope, in Wilson Co., Tenn., and joined the church when he was thirteen. He is temperate, abstaining from the use of intoxicating liquors or tobacco in any form. In politics he is a Democrat. He died Dec., 1897.

Wilfred, son of Judge Rufus D. and Elizabeth E. Hearn of Arkadelphia, Ark., married Miss Evelyn Asquith of Washington, D. C., June 29, 1904. he graduated in law department of Columbian University, Washington, D. C., 1901, and is now practicing law in Memphis, Tenn. Sallie, daughter of Rufus D. and Elizabeth E. Hearn, married R. F. Spragins of Jackson, Tenn., Nov. 6, 1901. He is a young lawyer in Jackson where they now reside, and have one child, Hearn Franklin, born Oct. 22, 1902.

Brunette R., daughter of William F. and Ellen (Johnston) Hearne, born 1845, married M. L. Walsh 1865. Children: John H. Sallie, Norman, David. Mary, Rufus, and Fayette. Her husband died, 1880, and she survived him only three years. She was a most beautiful and lovely woman, of medium size, with a fair complexion and blue eyes. She was fluent and interesting in conversation. Misfortunes had already befallen them when her husband died: a beautiful home, with all the surroundings necessary to contentment and happiness, had been lost. Then came the death of her husband: later, her house and its contents were consumed by fire. These calamities were all visited upon her in a few months. She had but little left besides her children, but she was not dismayed. She was buffeted by adverse waves, yet she stood coolly and courageously at her post. She was devoted to the service and worship of God and was a member of the Methodist Church South. Her children, with one exception, are members of the same church.

John, son of Lafayette and Brunette Hearn Walsh, married Miss Jean Henry, Oct. 1902, and have one child, Alice Marion, and live in Miss. David Walsh died May 21, 1899.

Mary Alice, daughter of Brunette Hearne and Lafayette Walsh, married O. E. Hodge June 15, 1898. Children: Lois,

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