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probably this old Aunt Betsy. Clement Hearne was the father of Cannon.

EDMOND, son of Thomas and Nancy Wilson Hearne, born in Montgomery Co., North Carolina 1744 to 1750, date not positively known, nor his death or marriage either. It is only known he had one son whose name was Edmond, born about 1770 to 1775, died He married a Miss Mode. Children: A girl born 1799; Martin. born 1801; John, born 1805; Joseph, born 1808; William, died young; Anna and Nicey. Edmond Hearn, lived near French Broad River in North Carolina and was a farmer. He moved with his family to East Tenn., above Knoxville and near New Market, and died there, date not known. His wife survived him many years and died in Texas 1850. The children all married in East Tenn. The eldest child of Edmond and Mode Hearn, a daughter, married Wm. Stripling and raised a family of children, names not known; died 1849. He married Rachel Wadkins. Children: Jane, born 1837, married Mr. Joice, a Methodist Minister: William, born 1849, married and raised a family of children and lives in Montague Co., Texas; John, son of Edmond and Mode Hearn born 1805, died in Texas, 1890. He married and had children: Joseph, Sarah, who married Jesse Wilson, a prosperous stockman. They raised a family of children. and live in Oklahoma Territory; James was a Confederate soldier, and was killed at the battle of Wilson Creek, Mo. John Hearn, the father of these children moved from Tenn. to Ill., thence to Mo., thence to Texas.

JOSEPH, son of Edmond and Mode Hearn, born in N. C. 1808, died Feb. 13, 1884. He married in Tenn., Elenor Adamson, June 17, 1829. she was born 1813, and died in Grayson Co., Texas Dec. 5, 1874. They moved to the Platte Purchase Mo, 1830. Their first child, William Anderson, born 1831, married Josephine A. McKlin. March 10, 1858. Children: Joseph Bernard, born June 23. 1859; Cora Love, born May 1, 1863; Lydia Ellen, born Nov. 20, 1867; Joseph B. married Theodora Smith June 5, 1895. Children: Alvin and Alma (twins) born Sept. 27. 1896: Grace. born Dec. 28. 1898; Cora Love, married Geo. A. Brown. Children. Alpha Ray, born Feb. 21, 1887; Geo. H., born July 18, 1888. Lee Bert, and Mary Leslie. Cora Love married second husband, Louis Lamar, Nov. 23, 1901. Lydia

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