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and Freeman McGarity, born Feb. 20, 1905. William P. Hearn is a merchant and farmer, and so is James A. and William S. The father is a farmer and mechanic, and a Methodist, active in church work and an officer in the church. He served four years in the Confederate army, and lost an arm in battle near Atlanta, Ga. He died at his home in Carroll Co., Ga., June 5, 1905. John T. Hearn married Cora Bettie Jeter Oct. 21, 1894. Children: Lillie May, born Nov. 8, 1895; Mary, born April 2, 1897; William D. born July 3, 1898; Sarah, born March 23, 1901; Nannie Lois, born July 16, 1903. John T. Hearn is a teacher and farmer. Mattie Hearn married Rev. C. E. McGibony, a minister in the Methodist Church South, Feb. 20, 1889. Children: Joseph H., born Feb. 20, 1892; John C., born Aug. 28, Ď893. Minnie Hearn married J. S. Prickett Dec. 5, 1896. Children: Charles, born Jan. 2, 1897; Dewey, born Ju1y 15, 1898; Parks, born July 23, 1900; Forest, born June 30. 1902; Nannie, born Oct. 15, 1904. Nannie and Sam. M. Hearn are single and unmarried. Sam. M. graduated at Emory College, Oxford, Ga., June, 1906. His post office is Burwell, Ga. I acknowledge my indebtedness to J. J. Shell and W. H. Head, of Hoodís Mills, La., for the genealogy and history of their grandfather, Jacob Hearn and his brothers. Stephen and Elijah, whose descendants are nearly all Methodists in religion and Democrats in politics and a large proportion of them live in La.

From Mrs. Eliza A. Verdel, of Elbert Co., Georgia, (now deceased), a granddaughter of Rev. Stephen Hearne, who was born in 1748, and died 1841 or 1844, and who was a son of Thomas and Nancy (Wilson) Hearne, of North Carolina, I get the following:

Stephen Hearnís second wife was Miss Prudence Steed; and by this marriage there were five children: Stephen, Isham, Thomas, Priscilla and Mary. Thomas was born Mar. 25, 1786, and died Jan. 25, 1857. He was twice married; the first time, Apr., 1808, to Mrs. Elizabeth Salter, who was born Mar. 25, 1777, and died Dec. 21. 1817; her maiden name was Richardson, and they had one child, Jane E., born Oct. 25, 1809, died Aug. 17, 1877. She was highly cultured, and of devoted piety. She married William D. Clark 1830. (He died Aug. 12, 1882. Children: Rebecca E. D., born May 14, 1831; married Dr. G. T. Snellings, Nov. 28, 1850; he died Jan. 25, 1862. Their children all died young except Bettie, who married Wm. Snellings, and died Nov. 28, 1898, and George

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