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organized the Oakvale Grocery Co., a wholesale concern, at Oakvale, W. Va., and he was elected general manager, secretary and treasurer, and P. W. Massie, president. Capitalizing it at $10,000, all paid in. The business was successful from the start. In 1901 they had a disastrous fire, which entailed a net loss to them of $9,000, after receiving $3,000 insurance. Soon after the fire they reorganized (Jno. D. Sweeney and A. Hearn retiring) under the same name and management, and so continues. In 1899 his wife developed consumption, and died Nov. 26, 1903. In early life she professed faith in Christ, and united with the M. E. Church South, and lived a faithful and devoted Christian to the end. Politically L. L. Hearn has always been a liberal Democrat, with Prohibition tendencies.

To L. L. Hearn and Rhoda Tiller Hearn children were born as follows: First, Armetta Jane, born Mar. 3, 1869, married John L. Biggs June 18, 1890. Their children, Estelle Lillian, born June 5, 1891, died Mar. 16, 1900. Horace Ewart, born Jan. 6, 1895; Clarence Edwin, born Oct. 17, 1897; Rhoda Brooks, born Aug. 21, 1898; Hilda Virginia, born Nov. 10, 1901; Chapman Lee, born Nov. 26, 1904.

Second child of L. L. and Rhoda Hearn, Annie Laurie Josephine, born Sept 24, 1870, married John Russell Boyd June 19, 1887, and died of consumption Feb. 10, 1905. Their children are: Lena Motz, born Apr. 3, 1888; Willie Lee, born Mar. 8, 1890; Fannie May, born Aug. 8, 1893. Ida Hearn, daughter of L. L. and Rhoda, born Mar, 25, 1873, married W. R. Bell Oct. 14, 1892. Children: Bessie Lee, born Jan. 23, 1894; Frank Dale, born Feb. 24, 1896; George Millwood, born Feb. 14, 1899; Roscoe Lawson, born Aug. 22, 1901.

John Edward Kenna Hearn, son of L. L. and Rhoda L., born June 7, 1875, and died June 18. 1878. Virginia Susan Hearn, daughter of L. L. and Rhoda, was born Oct. 27, 1877, married William E. Moore, May 13, 1896. One child: Harry Esteen, born Mar. 20, 1898. Savannah Brown Hearn, daughter of L. L. and Rhoda, born July 8, 1888. All the children of L. L. and Rhoda Hearn are good Christians and I believe all are members of the M. E. Church South.

John Bruce, son of Levi Griffin and Aura White Hearn, born July 8, 1850, married Mrs. Elizabeth Jerrell June 21, 1886. One

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