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"Selvey Hearne, son of Stephen, born 1780, died 1862; married Nancy Steed. Children: Cassana, married, first time, Lewis Steed, and, second time, Wyatte Thayer; Kinney, married a Miss Hancock, moved to Tenn.; Louisa, married Thomas Bright; Helen, married James Davis; Rebecca, married Enoch Davis; Jane and Louise married, but to whom I do not know.

"Joel Hearne, son of Ebenezer and grandson of Thomas, born Sept. 17, 1798; married Nancy Harris. Children: Orin L., born July 13, 1822, moved west. D. Ebenezer, born May 28, 1824. Littleton H., born July 22, 1826. Elizabeth R., born Oct. 2, 1828; married E. M. Russell. Sarah T., born July 29, 1830; married Lafayette Terrill, and moved to Georgia. Nancy W., born Nov. 18, 1834; married Clinton Hall. Margaret D., born July 18, 1836; married William A. Russell. Joel H., born May 24, 1839; married Mrs. Margaret Tucker. Tempie, born Mar. 12, 1843; married Whitson Russell. Martha, born Feb. 18, 1845; married L. G. Harris. Littleton H., married, first time, Fannie Harris, and had one child, Margaret, married Harley Allen. Littleton married, second time, Mrs. Letitia Tucker. Children: Reuben, Nancy, George, Harvey, and Mary.

"David Hearne, son of William and Sally, and grandson of Thomas, born May 4, 1822; married Margaret Harris, 1844. Chidren: William, date of birth not ascertained. Thomas, born Mar. 26, 1845. Noah W., born Aug. 10, 1847. Gray M., born Aug. 13, 1851. M. Elmira, born Apr. 13, 1853; moved to Tenn. 1870, and was killed in a cyclone Feb. 19, 1884. George W., born Mar. 22, 1855; moved to Tenn., 1870. Nancy S., born May, 1857; moved to Tenn. 1870. Louisa F., born Mar. 6, 1860. Harris Alexander, born Mar. 21, 1861. David D., born Apr. 29, 1862. James A., born Feb. 19, 1864. David Hearne, the father of the above children, died at Point Lookout, in the summer of 1864, while in the Civil War. William, eldest of the above children, married Mrs. Adeline Caldwell, 1865, and moved to Tenn., 1870. Children: Minerva, David, Fannie, and Lee. Noah W. Hearne, third child of David and Margaret Hearne above, married Lydia Mullinir, Feb. 28, 1871. Children: Walter B., born Feb. 28, 1872; John F., born June 6. 1873; Rodolphus T., born Apr. 22, 1877; Maggie C., born Jan. 1, 1879; Jessie W., born Feb. 6, 1885; George W., born Feb.

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