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at Auburn Agricultural College, Auburn, Ala., June 1895, (3) Frank L., born Aug. 1876. (4) Walter R., born Dec., 1891. The Whitman family are Baptists and Democrats.

Joshua, son of Elisha and Fereby Hearne, born In North Carolina, removed to Georgia in an early day, and settled near Palmetto; died about 1850. He had seven children: Thomas, Stephen, Lewis, Jacob, Elijah, Millie, and Sally. The only one of these living is Elijah, and he lives in Louisana. The children of Lewis are: Daniel, Park, Nannie, Vancie, Lizzie, and Mary. All live in and around Palmetto, Georgia. Thomas, eldest son of Joshua, has one son, named Jacob, who lives in Atlanta, Ga. He married Miss Sally Eason, and has four children: Cora, born 1872; Dora, born 1874; Vassie, born 1878; and William Joseph, born 1880. There are many more of the descendants of Joshua Hearne, but with diligent effort this is all I can obtain.

William Hearne, second son of Nehemiah and Betty, born 1746; died Sept. 21, 1832 in Lowndes Co., Ala. He married his cousin, Tabitha Hearne, who was born 1741, and died Jan. 18, 1838, at the ripe old age of ninety-seven years. They were good Christians and members of the Methodist Church. Immediately after marriage they removed to North Carolina, when it was a new country, where their children were born. At the commencement of the Revolutionary War he enlisted and served through the entire eight years, and only missed being at Gen Gates' defeat at Camden by being left behind with small-pox. Their children were: William, Tabitha, Selby, Abigail, Priscilla, George Thomas Coke, called Thomas, Ebenezer, and one other whose name I have been unable to learn.

William Hearne son of Wm. and Tabitha, born 1784 died May 18, 1840; he married Miss Nancy Miles in Georgia, 1813 (she died in Louisiana June 17th, 1855), and moved to Alabama 1815, when it was a Territory, and settled near Montgomery, and lived there until 1838, when they moved to Louisiana, where they lived until death. Nancy Miles's mother was a Lee (the Milses and Lees were English people and among the first settlers on James River in Virginia), and were all Baptists in that early day.

Nancy Miles's mother was Rhoda Lee, sister of Light Horse Harry Lee, the father of Gen. Robert E. Lee. They were all related

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