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to Gen. Nathaniel Greene, who was an uncle of Henry and Rhoda Lee. Nancy Miles was an only child and inherited quite a fortune which she brought to her husband when she married, and named her daughter Rhoda Lee, for her mother. Both she and her mother were devoted members of Baptist Church. Wm. and Nancy Miles Hearne's children were: William, born 1815, died 1825: Ebebezer, born Feb. 17, 1817, died June 17, 1869; Horatio Reardon, born Nov. 27, 1818; Rhoda Lee, born Dec. 13, 1820; Asa Hoxey, born 1823, died Mar 3, 1888; Adeline M., born July 26. 1827, and Frances, born Oct. 18, 1832.

Ebenezer, second child of William and Nancy Hearne, married Minerva Walker in Ala. He died in Texas and left five children; William, born Jan. 30, 1840, died Aug. 14, 1890; Mary, born May 12, 1841; Mittie, born 1846; Phena, born 1848; Ida, born 1861. William, son of Ebenezer and Minerva Hearne, married Miss Anna Margaret Dial, (who was born Dec. 25, 1855) May 27, 1871. Her father's family were English people, and trace back to William the Conqueror through the Hastings, Doyles-corrupted into Dial during the Revolutionary War-and Ambercrombie. Her great-great-grandmother was Lady Isabel Hastings, daughter of the eighth Earl of Huntington). Children: Lorenzo Dial, born Oct., 1872; William Garlington, born 1876; Jackson Leonard, born 1878; Ida Lea, born 1882. Lorenzo D., married Miss Eula Randle, of Houston, Texas, Oct. 24, 1894, at the first Baptist Church, and is now living in New York City. The father William Hearne, was a planter owning a plantation of one thousand acres on the Brazos River; he served during the four years of the war, a Confederate soldier in Gen. John B. Hood's "Texas Brigade" and was courier on Gen. Hood's staff the last two years. He was brave, warm-hearted, and generous to a fault, and never turned a deaf ear to suffering or the appeal of a friend. He was widely and favorably known all over the State of Texas, and the surviving members of Hood's Brigade remember with pride his war record. Old Colonel "Howdy" Martin never tires of singing his praise. He was a devoted Christian and member of Baptist Church, and died in the prime of life Aug. 14th, 1890, aged fifty years. His widow lives in Austin and manages the plantation and estate with good, business-like ability, and is not neglecting the education of their

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