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(she thinks) and had a brother Jesse, and a sister named Sally, who had red hair; said there were four other brothers, but did not remember their names. Tabitha Hearne's mother's maiden name was Frances Calloway, daughter of Job Calloway, and was killed by lightning. 1838 Mrs. Rhoda Lee Cox settled in Louisiana, in Bossier Parish, and when the Civil War commenced she owned a large cotton plantation worth $150,000, and a hundred negro slaves. The soldiers of the Northern army liberated her slaves, and cut the levees on the river, that ruined her plantation, which is still a waste, apparently beyond redemption. She only saved some fifteen or twenty thousand dollars from the wreck, that with her good management kept her to the end of life. She was a most superior woman in all respects; had read and informed herself well on all subjects; was a fine conversationalist, and had traveled extensively. In 1900 when past eighty years of age she came alone six hundred miles to make my family a visit, and while with us attended every session, day and night of the National Democratic Convention in Kansas City, in the great Convention Hall, that nominated William Jennings Bryan for President second time. A cancer developed on her tongue that summer that baffled all medical skill and she died at her home in Hearne, Texas, Jan. 9, 1901.

Asa Hoxey, son of William and Nancy (Miles) Hearne, born 1823, died March 3, 1888. Married Mrs. Martha Morris, by whom he had three sons: Timothy, born 1850; Edward, born 1852; and Henry, born 1864. His wife dying, he married Miss Bettie Flowers. Children: Frank, born 1870; Willie Bettie, born 1872; Mary, born 1874; Rhoda Lee, born Feb. 14, 1876; and Asa Hoxey, born Sept. 1880.

Rhoda Lee Hearne married Nov. 12, 1896, William R. Batley, of Hearne, Texas, who is engaged in the brokerage and insurance business. He was born in Choctaw Co., Ala., Jan. 16, 1866. To them was born, Nov. 5, 1897, a son, Wm. R., Jr., and about three years after a daughter was born.

ADELINE M., daughter of William and Nancy (Miles) Hearne, born in Lowndes Co., Ala., July 26, 1827. Came with her parents 1838, when they removed to Lafayette Co., Ark., where her father died May 18, 1840. Her mother then moved to Bossier Parish, Louisiana, where she died June 17, 1855. Adeline M. Hearne married

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