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Corinth, Miss.; Francis Marion, born 1829; Clementine, born Dec., 1831; Marcella, born Sept. 30, 1833; John Powell, born 1835.

Francis Marion Hearne, son of Thomas and Frances, born 1831; married Miss Susan E. Wood, who died 1876. Children: Thomas Henry, Mary Lewis, Martha E., Susan E., Francis M., and John William. Thomas Henry married Clyde Noel, Feb. 1, 1891. Two children: William Roy, born 1893; and Thomas Henry, born 1896. Thomas Henry Hearne lives near Longwood, Louisiana, Caddo Parish, and is engaged in the lumber business. Mary Lewis Hearne married W. R. Bradford, Aug. 7, 1892, and lives in Greenwood, Louisiana; he is engaged in the lumber business and farming. Martha E. Hearne Married, Feb. 8. 1891, Francis F. Jeter, a farmer. Children: Lucile, born Dec., 1891; Susie, born 1894; and Virgil F., born 1896. Susan E. Hearne married Dr. W. M. Bradford, May, 1895. They live in Blanchford, La., and have one child, Will M., born May, 1896. Francis M. and John William Hearne are not married, and are partners engaged in the cattle business. All this family are Methodists.

Clementine, Son of Thomas and Frances Hearne, married Dr. Wm. Perry, Feb 6, 1855. They are both dead, leaving only one child, Mrs. Clara Finley, who lives in Tyler, Texas.

Marcella Hearne, son of Thomas and Frances, married Wm. Godbold, Sept. 13, 1865; have one child, Minnie Clementine, born July 13, 1868. They live near Shreveport La.

John Powell Hearne, son of Thomas and Frances, married Lizzie Curry; lives in Caddo Parish, La.

Ebenezer Hearne, son of William and Tabitha, married Elizabeth Powell. Children: Sarah, Tabitha, Ebenezer, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, Jefferson, Horatio, Frances.

Sarah, eldest child of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Hearne, married Jacob Hoss. Children: Jacob, born Aug. 8, 1855, married Geraldine Mooring. Children: Eliza, Dena, and Lelia. They live near Greenwood, La. Bettie Hoss married William Noel. Children: Stella, Richard, Sally, Edwin, Jennie, Robert, Jacob, Jessie, and Leon. Stella married Melville Barnes and died, leaving one child, Melville.

Tabitha Hearne, second child of Ebenezer and Elizabeth, married Jackson Hoss; had one child, George, who married Emily

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