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Sugg, and lived at Bellbuckle, Tenn., and had children, but I can learn no more.

Elisha (eldest son of Joshua Hearne), born in Somerset Co., Maryland, 1770; he went to North Carolina with his father, and 1786 settled in Jasper Co., Georgia; married and raised four children, and was killed in a well accidentally 1810, and his wife died soon after; his children moved to Talladega Co., Ala. Their names were: Asa, born 1803; Moses, born 1805; David McDonald, born 1806; and Lettie, born 1808.

Asa raised four boys; Mont, the eldest, was sheriff of Randolph Co., Ala. Thomas, Franklin, and Joseph were with their parents near Vicksburg, Miss., when the Civil War commenced 1861.

Asa Hearne married Miss Easter Benton 1822 in Talladega, Ala., and lived there till 1848. Their children were: Jefferson, Monston or Minos, called Mons, David, Thomas, Franklin, Joseph, Augusta, Ann, and Jane.

Jefferson Monston born Apr. 24, 1824; married 1847, Sereptha McBurnett, near Wedora Ala., and lived on their farm there twelve years. He farmed extensively, having many negroes, and his own blacksmith and carpenter shops. 1858 he was elected Sheriff of Randolph Co., and in 1860 went to Texas and while living in Homer, enlisted in Confederate Army, Walker's Division, was captured at Meligan's Bend and it is supposed died a prisoner. Children: Cornelia, Gussie S. Thomas, and Mary Jane. 1866 mother and children moved to Cass Co., Texas, and Cornelia, who was born Nov. 14, 1848, married George C. Hendricks, June 14, 1868. Children: Dora, born 1869, married Jesse Jones and died leaving one child, Edith, who with her father lives in Dallas Texas. Luculus, second child, married Miss Nellie Finger; lives at Campbell, Texas, and has two children: Minnie, third child, married Foster Hale, Greenville, Texas. Pauline, fourth child, married Welcome Richardson, Austin, Texas. Elbert and Ruth are at home with their mother. The father, Geo. C. Hendricks, died 1900.

Gussie S. Hearne, born Feb 4, 1852, married Apr. 1, 1873, Edwin W. Thomas, a merchant and lived at Campbell twenty years. Their first child, Theophilis, born Jan. 12, 1874, married Miss Stella Belew, and has two children, Harry Clio, and Billy Maurice. He is a traveling salesman for Swofford Bros., Kansas City, Mo., and

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