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attorney and is now mayor of Rusk and has five children. Lulu J. Guinn, born July 2, 1866, married 1891, Eugene Darough. They now live in Savannah, Ga. He is engaged in the piano and music business and they have three children. Hubbard G. Guinn, born May 13, 1869, married Cora M. Haberlie of Jacksonville, Texas, Oct. 13, 1895. He is a civil engineer at Rusk and also runs a fruit farm. They have five children.

Augusta, daughter of Asa and Mary Jane (Benton) Hearne, married Pope Williams and lived and died at Quitman. Ann, her sister married in Ala., G. W. Eubanks, and came to Texas 1859; have three daughters, Nellie, who married Cloninger, and has six children and lives at Hughes Spring, Texas. Julia Eubanks married James Nesbit, and has three children, and lives at Hughes Spring. Jane Eubanks married Thomas Kessler, a merchant of Hughes Spring, Texas, and has several children.

Ann Eubanks, the mother, died 1906, age seventy-eight years.

Mrs. Gussie (Hearn) Thomas who furnished me the data, etc., of Mons Herane, and descendants, says:

"I have not spoken of the merits and talents of some of above families, but no one need be ashamed to claim kinship with any of them, as all are first-class people. Some being mechanics, artists, lawyers, doctors, merchants, etc.; all have good homes and plenty of this world's goods, and trying to live so they will be entitled to a home in the world to come."

Since this was written, have received additional of the Guinn family, children of Phileo and Maggie Ruth Mokerers Guinn: Tom, born May 24, 1874; Tinnie, born Oct. 26, 1876; Bessie, born Apr. 26, 1880;[1 removed] Lula, born Feb. 27, 1886; Mary Allen, born Feb. 7, 1889. The mother died Aug. 7, 1891, and father married Miss Mary Clay, May 17, 1894. Children: Fannie, born May 7, 1898; Frazier P., born Dec. 3, 1899; Katie Catherine, born Nov. 22, 1902 and Neba [Meba] [1 retained]Clay, born Mar. 9, 1905.

Robert William Thomas, born Feb. 16, 1857, married Jan. 9, 1884, Miss Laura C. Cameron. He died Nov. 12, 1902. Children: Reba Cameron, born Oct. 30, 1884; Allen Hearne, born May 31, 1887; Harold F. J., born Dec. 29, 1890; Annie May, born Apr. 30, 1893; Cameron, born Jan. 31, 1900. Reba Cameron married Charles

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[1] Hearne's original text has a duplicated line that appears to be a publisher's error.  The line is: "born Dec. 3, 1899; Katie Catherine, born Nov. 22, 1902 and Meba".  It is only shown above in the place where it appears to fit.  However, it spells the name Meba in the first occurance and Neba in the second occurance.

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