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sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, and released from there June 12, 1865. In 1878, Randolph Co., Ala., sent him to the State Legislature, and he has been serving as Justice of the Peace for twenty-five years; in both positions he has the entire confidence of the people.

John Jason Hearn married Dec. 22, 1858, Eliza Wood, Randolph Co., Ala. Children: Lewis Hiram, born Oct. 29, 1859 and Jason Allen, born June 22, 1866. Mrs. Hearn died Apr. 9, 1896 and John Jason Hearn married Dec. 30, 1896, Caroline C. Preuet of Clay Co., Ala. Lewis Hiram Hearn lives in Atlanta, Ga., and Jason Allen on farm near Rock Mills, Ala. James Thomas Hearn, son of Lewis Henry, married Jane Carter. He died 1878 and she 1904. They have one son, Mantion D., who if living is in Texas. Dorcas, a daughter, married Geo. Philpott, and Overton married a Mr. Johnson, and all live in Troop Co., Ga. James Thomas Hearn was a Primitive Baptist, as are all my brothers and sisters, and politically all Democrats. Henry M. Hearn, born 1843, married twice, sisters, and daughters of John Danily; has two sons, William and Jason and a daughter in Texas, who married a Mr. Willis. Henry M. Hearn died Mar., 1904, Clay Co., Ala. Sidney F. Hearn married Emma Cato, in Throop Co., Ga., died in Carrollton, Ga., 1892. His widow still lives there, and has two sons, Daniel Lewis, and Albert. Mary Hearn married Wm. Cleveland and died 1892. She has a daughter in Flovilla, Ga., who is a widow Greer; Mariah Hearn married J. F. Edwards and died 1896, leaving a son and daughter, who both live in Throop Co., Ga. Charles William Hearn first married Nancy Wheeler, who died 1852 or 1853. Children: James, died in Camp Chase, Ohio prison, 1865. William died in La., 1904, and Jason died in Va., 1862 or 1863. Thomas Jefferson lives in Heard Co., Ga. By second wife Charles William Hearn had son named Romalgus. I give it as my belief this family are descendants of the merchant William Hearne--1627-1691.

J. A. Hearn, Chickamauga, Ga., says, Aug. 7, 1905:

"My father, Wm. B. Hearn, died Jan. 25, 1880. My grandfather Joshua B. Hearn, born in Montgomery Co., North Carolina, and died here (Chickamauga, Ga.), Feb 7, 1897, aged ninety-seven years. My great grandfather was named William." Doubtless

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