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Luke. They lived in Versailles for five years and then moved to Gallatin Co. (now Owen). It was then an unbroken country, where wild animals roamed at will; the Indians were not far off, and many were the privations they had to undergo in their new home. Being a man of energy, he made two profitable trips to Maryland before his eldest son, Harrison, was twenty years old. He remained at his new home until 1812, when he moved his family back to Versailles, and remained there until 1817; when he again returned to Owen Co. with his family, and settled at what is now called Harrisburg, and lived there until 1829, when he removed his family to Christian Co., and settled near Hopkinsville, where he died July 7, 1851, aged nearly eighty-two years.

Here I will say of my father that he was of the old school of pioneers; his education was rather limited, but he was endowed with a good strong mind, and possessed a high moral sense of duty to man and his God. He labored hard to elevate himself and family, and at one time was engaged in mercantile business, in Owen Co., and built the first horse mill in that part of the State; persons came as much as thirty miles on horseback to get corn ground. (I remember, myself, from 1840 to 1860, in Bourbon Co., Ky., going often on horseback five to eight miles, to both horse and water mills, for grinding corn and wheat.--W. T. Hearne.)

My mother was a small woman, but possessed great energy and labored hard through life to promote the family interests. She was a good mother--well do I remember her dying moments. I was then married to my first kind and dutiful wife, I loved with such tender care, but the loss of my mother so dear left a vacuum never to be filled; but she went to her long home full of hope, and now my parents have gone to that blessed home to mingle with the justified saints in that better world, where they meet six of their dear children, and me an old man, writing this, and contemplating the past, present and future may I, with all my family, be enabled through the grace of God to meet them in that happy land, where we will part no more.

Warren Hearne.

I think it well to insert here a link in Jacob Hearne's pioneer life, furnished me by his grandson, Dr. Fleming G. Hearne, of Yreka, California, Nov., 1892. Dr. Hearne himself was a pioneer

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