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S. Hearne lives at Chester, Ill; Mary E., at Pine Bluff, Ark., and Etta L., at Rocheport, Mo.

Elizabeth Hearne, sister of Jacob of 1790, married a Mr. Johnson, who lived at Miliville, Woodford Co., Ky., and I have no further record.

Sarah Hearne, sister of Jacob of 1790, married Lyttleton Whittington.

Deborah Hearne. another sister, married William Smith. Children Elizabeth married Mr. Orr, James married Milcah Whittington and has two children, James W. and Cordelia. Mary Smith married Harrison Hearne, son of Jacob of 1870. William married Vennie Hearne and had one child, who married Col. Wm. Bacon; Jacob H. married Amanda Todd. Children : Mary, Malinda S., Elizabeth, and Paschal H. Josephine married Isaac Rees, who died, and she married Thomas Hopkins Post-office address of Paschal H. Smith, Owenton, Ky., and that of James W. and Cordelia Smith, Versailles, Ky.

Sarah Hearne, daughter of Jacob and Jane. born Dec. 15, 1796; married Jeremiah Harrison, who was born Apr. 13, 1795. Children: Lavisa S., born Feb. 4, 1820; Jacob E., born June 3, 1823; Sarah T. married Benjamin J. Kemper, Vernon Co., Mo; Warren Martha Elizabeth. born 1840.

Lavisa S. Harrison married B. G. Nance Feb. 18, 1847. Children Sarah B, born Mar. 15, 1848. William E., born Oct. 22, 1849; married Dora L. Hornbuckle Dec. 29, 1880, and have one child, Walter E., born June 2, 1883. Post-office, Stockton, Mo. Mary J., born July 28, 1851; married J. W. D. Kirkpatrick Apr. 20, 1873, and died July 25, 1878, leaving one child, Nellie Lee, born June 4, 1874. Margaret M. C. Nance, born Jan. 19, 1855; married Elbert M. Morton May 6, 1878. Children: William G., born Sept. 18, 1881; and John R., born Oct. 5, 1883. John G. Nance, born Dec. 29, 1858; married Julia A. Williams Apr. 29, 1880, has one child, Anna Lee, born Aug. 26, 1881.

Martha E., daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah (Hearne) Harrison, married Thomas Jones June 30, 1859. Children: Tilla J., born Sept. 21, 1860, married J. N. Smith Aug. 19, 1883; William H.. born Nov. 15, 1863, married Mollie Norris Feb. 6, 1884; Sarah E., born Oct. 19, 1865; Stonewall J., born March 18, 1869; Cora L.,

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