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E. Wishart, Stevenson married Sarah Coulbourn, and Sarah married B. Polk.

* * * Isaac Whittington's children: Hannah, married Hanly Handy in Maryland; Ann, married William Cox, Maryland; Joshua, married Mary Marshall; and Lyttleton, married Sarah Hearne, daughter of Jacob Hearne of 1740.

Children of Lyttleton and Sarah (Hearne) Whittington: William Wishart, married Ann Handy, Maryland; Isaac, married Matilda Pusey, Kentucky; * * * Milcah, married * * * James Smith, Versailles, Ky.; Jennie, married Warren Hearne, Kentucky; Betsy, married Col. Graham, Kentucky; James and Nannie (twins), James married _____ Lillard, Kentucky; Caroline, married Richard Taylor, Kentucky; Edward married Cordelia Taylor, Kentucky.

* * * Milcah, above, married James, son of William Smith and Deborah (Hearne) Smith. Children: Amanda Jane, * * * James Whittington, and * * * C. Cordelia.

James W. Smith married Viola McCorkle Mar. 4, 1880. Children: William Walker, Bessie, Milcah, David Drake, and Cordelia. James W. Smith died in Versailles, Ky., Nov. 2, 1901. He was sheriff of the county and filled many places of trust and was cashier of a bank at death.

The stars appearing above in the sketch of the Whittington family by Miss Cordelia Smith are intended to indicate the line of family tracing down to her and her brother James. I might have given much more of the descendants of Derby, Edward, and Jacob Hearne, but a large number to whom I wrote for information made no answer. Had I been taught anything in my boyhood of my ancestors and genealogical record, I could have picked up a good deal that now I can never know. I lived near Versailles, Woodford Co., Ky., 1869 and 1870, at that time Mr. Samuel Nuckols, quite an old man, who had lived there all his life, asked me about the Jacob Hearne of 1790 and his descendants, but I knew nothing whatever of them, nor do I remember of ever hearing any of my family, from grandfather Clement down, speak of them in any way; they seemed never to have known anything of them, though living within twenty-five miles of them for many years. So with my aunt Sally (Hearne) Wasson, who died in

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