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old country, but felt we would never get it." The family now are all Democrats and mostly Methodists.

From three brothers HEARNE, living in Brooklyn and New York city, I learn their grandfather was an architect and builder in Waterford, Ireland, though the family were originally from England. Their father, James N. Hearne, is a steward of the Hotel Lafayette, Philadelphia, and with his family has been in America some twenty years. He was born 1840, and married Annie Gibbs, who died May 26, 1880. Children: Paul C., born July 6, 1861. Elizabeth C., born Mar. 1, 1863; married Sidney Evans, and has one child, Fliteroft Edward, born May 26, 1882. Robert J., born Jan. 29, 1866; married Jeanne C. Calhoun, and has one child, Dorothy, born May 1, 1894. Mary Theresa, born Sept. 10, 1868; married John J. Feguson. Children: Robert Lewis, Ray, and May. John F., born Apr. 5, 1870. William, born Sept. 10, 1871. Emma, born Feb. 22, 1873; married Joseph Galvin. Maud Mary, born Mar. 31, 1874. Florence Edith. Frederick William Paul, born May 23, 1877.

ROBERT J. HEARNE is of the firm of Durbrow & Hearne, factory supplies, No. 12 Wooster Street, New York City. He says: "Our family is Irish, possibly by adoption, if not by descent; at any rate, we all feel Irish, and I fear our American cousins would hardly care to own us, as, judging from your accounts of them, they are pretty straight-laced (from our standpoint of view). All our folks are fond of good living and lots of it, and while nominally Catholics, we are not bothered much by religious questions."

WILLIAM E. HEARNE, Oskaloosa, Iowa, head florist of the Kemble Floral Company, says his grandfather, William Hearne (born 1769, died Mar. 26, 1848), came from the north of England and settled in Kent Co., where he married Ann Norton, who died Sept. 21, 1848; children: William, Thomas, John, Richard, Elizabeth, Avice, and Henry. Of these children, John came to America 1887; returned to England, and went to Australia, where he died at Stawell, 1893. Elizabeth married William Henderson, who conducted an extensive florist business Birkenhead, England, and they both died there 1894. Henry Hearne, son of William and Ann, born Apr. 24, 1808, died Feb. 2, 1858; married Elizabeth Eyles; children: Henry, William Eyles, Elizabeth, and Thomas. He

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