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she read her Bible every day. When Sherman's army entered the state, and forced the family to refugee, Hannah was put in charge of affairs, and after the surrender my grandfather turned over to her his money and valuables, when he returned before the others. When she died 1889 my grandfather made the talk at her grave, and there were more whites than negroes at the funeral.

Page 56. Cave Springs, is in Floyd County, Ga., and Miss Elm Pound, the teacher mentioned in the school, is now Mrs. John McGregor Currie, of Jackson, Butts County, Ga. Her genealogy will be given further on in its proper place.

Page 62, Rev. H. J. Vanlandingham, died April 7, 1907.

Page 65. On Mar. 24, 1910, a son was born to Mr, and Mrs. James M. White, named Dudley Hearne White.

Page 81. Emanuel B. Hearne, died Sept. 1905, having long been a faithful member of Baptist Church.

Page 83. April 1907, George M, Hearne, was made President of the Hearne Dry Goods Company, Limited, Shreveport, La., with a capital of $100,000. He owns the great bulk of the stock.

Births of children of George M., and Louella Hearne: Marion Virginia Hearne, was born Dec, 11, 1892: George M. Hearne, Jr., was born Nov. 29, 1894, and Horace Clark Hearne, was born Nov. 13, 1896.

Page 96. Mrs. Nancy Jackson Hearne, is still living, Aug. 3, 1912, and is remarkably active and well preserved, and will be one hundred years old August 30, 1912, should she live till that date.

Page 103. Fourteen lines from bottom of page, negro Sue, and page 104, sixteen lines from bottom, negro Pegg are the same on page 583, near bottom of page.

Page 107. Eleven lines from bottom, Richmond, should be Richwood, Boone County, Ky., and Simon L. Hearne was born 1832, and in 1854 married Miss Anna Parrott; he died 1855, leaving one son, Harmon R Hearne, who was born Feb. 2, 1855. March 4, 1885, Harmon R. Hearne, married Miss Lulu Carpenter of Boone County. Ky., who was born June 26, 1867. Children: Ann M., born Dec. 27, 1885 Lucy P., born June 26, 1887; Hattie D., born Oct. 7,1888; Elizabeth born Mar. 10, 1890;

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