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1710, died Nov., 1789. His wife was named Sarah, who died Oct. 1791; children William and Joanna, who married Townsend. Wil- liam died 1826; his wife was named Folly, children Hannah and Julia Anne.

Jonathan, son of William and Elizabeth Hearne, was born about 1715 and died Mar., 1794; his wife’s name is unknown; he left children named in his will as follows: Jonathan, Isaac (born Oct. 25, 1771), Elijah, William, Samuel (born about 1737), Sarah, Ebenezer and George.

Jonathan died Dec., 1824, leaving children Benjamin, Jacob, John. Wingate and Nancy.

Elijah Hearne, date of birth and death and name of wife not known; left children Job, Alfred and Francis. Alfred, born 1814; married Francis Sirman 1835, children Patrick, Wheelbanks, Stephen, Mary E., Martha, Job and Elijah. Patrick born 1836: married Fannie Traverse 1870 and died the same year. Wheelbanks married Anne Collier; children: Clarence and Susie. Stephen Hearne married Miranda Hastings: children: Jennie and Patrick. Martha Hearne married E. Frank Hearne, who now lives in Laurel, Dalaware. Job Hearne married Ella Henry; children: Grace, Ira and Alfred. Elijah married Dora Henry; children: Caldwell and Cleveland.

Isaac Hearne (son of Jonathan who died 1794), born Oct. 25, 1771; 1793 married Eleanor Hastings, who was born April 30, 1776, children Mary, born Dec. 14, 1795; Wynder, born Aug. 30, 1797; Jonathan, born Aug. 2, 1799; clied Dec. 10, 1856; Joshua, born Oct. 18, 1801; Rhoda, born Dec. 12, 1803; Hannah, born July 28, 1806; Martin L., born Mar. i, 1808; Lavinia, born Dec. 2, 1810; Hester, born July 29, 1813; Nancy, born June 6. 1816; Eleanor, born Mar. 22, 1818; Elijah, born Feb. 27, 1820.

Jonathan, son of Isaac and Eleanor Hearne, born Aug. 2, 1799: married Folly Ellis; children: Carol me, born June 4, 1824, died Mar. 21, 1882; Levin, born Feb. 25, 1829; George Washington, born May 29, 1836; John Columbus, born April 18, 1844, died Dec. 14, 1877.

Caroline, daughter of Jonathan aand Polly (Ellis) Hearne, married Cyrus Ward; they live in Laurel, Delaware; children: Harvey J., born April 15, 1853; Mary A., born Feb. 18, died Aug. 18, 1884; Martha Ellen, born April 27, 1857; Benjamin F., born

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