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June 31, 1861, and Sallie. Harvey J. Ward, of Accomack, Virginia, married Susan Mears; children; Martha E., born April 11, 1887, and George W., born Mar. 10, 1894. Mary A. Ward married William Morris; children: Lee, born May 18, 1878; Sallie V., born July 18, 1880; and William, born Jan. 18, 1884. Benjamin F. Ward married Jennie Wingate; children: William L., born Mar. 18, 1886; Mary E., born Aug. 1, 1891; and Arthur, born Sept. 18, 1894. Salisbury, Maryland, is their home.

Levin, son of Jonathan and Polly (Ellis) Hearne, born Feb. 25, 1829; married Charlotte Taylor and lives in Laurel, Delaware; children: Francis Marion, born Aug. 30, 1853; Kendel Joseph, born Nov. 16, 1855; Levin Samuel, born Sept. 16, 1857; Napolean Bonaparte. born Jan. 7, 1860; Elijah Jonathan, born Nov. 7, 1861; George William, born June 28, 1863; Lulu Bell. born July 27, 1867. Francis Marion, son of Levin and Charlotte Hearne, married Willie Gosley, one child, Willie May, born Aug. 25, 1883. Levin Samuel Hearne married Maria Ward, one child, Pansy, born Nov. 17, 1884. Napoleon Bonaparte Hearne married Martha Jones, children: Netter, born Sept. 20, 1882; Bessie, born Feb. 28, 1885; Seth Elmer, born July, 1889; and Joseph Kendall, born Oct. 9, 1892. Elijah Jonathan Hearne married Kate Parker; children: William Rolland, . born Dec. 12, 1889; John Carlton, born Oct. 19, 1891 ; and Virgil Frances, born Nov. 16, 1893. Napoleon B. and his brother Elijah J. conduct a large manufacturing business in Laurel and are among its most enterprising citizens.

George Washington, son of Jonathan and Polly (Ellis) Hearne born May 29, 1836; married Mary Priscilla Cannon; children: Charles Sheppard, born Jan. 8, 1863; Elijah Roland, born Dec. 30, 1866; Mary Elizabeth, born July 19, 1873; and George Cannon, born June 15, 1880. Mary Elizabeth Hearne married T. Jackson Wailer; children: Everett Lee, born June 14, 1893 ; and Helen Jackson, born Jan. 7, 1895. George Wash ington Hearne was born in Laurel, Delaware, and this has since been his home with the exception of five years (1869-1873) spent in Wilmington, Delaware. He has owned and successfully conducted a carriage and wagon manufacturing business and is one of the most highly esteemed citizens of the town. He was for a number of years a member of the board of town commissioners and was successively secretary, treasurer and

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